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PDIC (Defensive Driving)

Classroom & Airbrakes PDIC (Defensive Driving)

$ 140.00
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8 hours
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Defensive Driving (PDIC)

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            Defensive Driving (PDIC)

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Professional Driver Improvement Course



The PDIC component is an 8-hour course spread out over 2 evenings, from 6pm-10pm. The objective of this education is to provide the student with the information and appropriate attitude required to drive safely on the roads.


In detail, the student will learn about the professional driver’s attitude, their responsibilities and procedures before starting their driving. After that the student will learn about strategies on how to behave in different environments, how to deal with distractions and retain their concentration. Last but not least, they will learn how to perform proper maneuvers while driving on the road in different environments, as well as in adverse conditions to prevent accidents.


At the end of this course, the student will write an exam. With passing this exam, they will have a certificate that allows them to lower their demerits by 3 points.



$140.00 per person