Cameron Driver Education

Our Classrooms

Come hang out prior to your lesson in our Student Lounge.  Complete with comfortable seating, vending machines, coffee, and water.  And while you’re here check out the Job Board.  We also have all of our Career Opportunities listed on our website!  


Enjoy your training in our comfortable classroom.  Our projector, whitescreen, and flatscreen TV make our course material viewable from any seat in the room.  The overhead lighting allows you to safely move through the classroom, and easily view your learning material.  All course manuals are provided, along with complimentary pencils.  Notetaking is encouraged.  

Our Air Brakes boards provide a way to understand the mechanics of the Air Brake system in an easy to see display.  You’re more than welcome to come in to the school to practice your runthrough.  Our instructors are always available for any questions.