Cameron Driver Education

Our Classrooms

Come hang out prior to your lesson in our Student Lounge.  Complete with comfortable seating, vending machines, coffee, and water.  And while you’re here check out the Job Board.  We also have all of our Career Opportunities listed on our website!  


Enjoy your training in our comfortable classroom.  Our projector, whitescreen, and flatscreen TV make our course material viewable from any seat in the room.  The overhead lighting allows you to safely move through the classroom, and easily view your learning material.  All course manuals are provided, along with complimentary pencils.  Notetaking is encouraged.  

Our Air Brakes boards provide a way to understand the mechanics of the Air Brake system in an easy to see display.  You’re more than welcome to come in to the school to practice your runthrough.  Our instructors are always available for any questions.



Glenna ‐ Office Manager


My experience in the trucking industry began when I started at Cameron in 1996. Before then, I worked as a supervisor for Pizza 73 and managed several liquor stores.

I worked my way up through various roles at Cameron, starting as a student advisor, getting into accounting and then becoming the office manager. I am responsible for making sure the office runs as smoothly as possible. Supervising data entry on the computers, scheduling drive times for students and making sure all invoices are up to date are just a few of my daily tasks.

From the knowledge and experiences I have gained here at Cameron, I can help you choose the best course suited for your specific needs. Any questions or concerns, just ask!

Stan and Nick ‐ Maintenance Crew

Stan and Nick

This is Stan and Nick (from left to right, wearing ties). This is the crew that looks after the maintenance of the trucks and the shop at Cameron Driver Education. Some may think that they are a bunch of clowns, but I can tell you without hesitation that they are the reason that our equipment looks and runs so well and the whole operation looks as good as it does.

Stan has been our Head Mechanic and Shop Foreman for as many years as I can remember, and Nick came on board a few years ago. Together, they are an awesome team and stand ready to jump in when needed to provide the safest truck training equipment on the road…Thanks guys.

Robin Cameron ‐ Senior Instructor

Robin Cameron

Robin Cameron has been with our company for over 22 years, and working as Senior Instructor for the last 5 years.  The most satisfying part of his job is when his students pass their Road Test and he sees the excitment in their faces as they realize they have achieved the first step in their careers.  

Prior to coming to work at Cameron, Robin hauled concrete and general freight for about 6 years.  He has also trained in Ju-Jitsu for 45 years and eventually became an Instructor.  When he’s not teaching, you can find him sailing on Lake Wabamun with his wife and his dog, Buster.

Rita Ostertag ‐ Student Advisor

Rita Ostertag has been a part of the Cameron family for many years.  Her late husband, Larry Ostertag, was an instructor with us for many years.  He drove Canadawide, across the USA, ice roads, and provided Extended Length Training for our school.  

Rita has been involved with the trucking industry for over 40 years, and worked for a pharmacy for 19 years.  As a Student Advisor, she can help you choose the best course suited for your specific needs. Any questions or concerns, just ask!

Pixie Pie ‐ Mascot

Pixie Pie

Pixie has been in charge of greeting people since 2004.