Cameron Driver Education


I went to this school really good teachers and staff really nice and welcoming. Even with no experience don't even hesitate
Mathieu B.
Good job thanks for the training I learned a lot. Office staff were excellent.
David B.
Great training and an overall excellent experience. Everyone is very friendly and informative. Can't think of anything that could have improved my training. Everything was perfect.

Thank you very much!
Stephen C.
Course was fun and informative.
Thanks very much for the training. It was nice to see every one after a year. It's great to know the coffee is always on for your past students. And thanks very much for the advice over the past year!
Kelly K.
Thanks again to all the great instructors at Cameron that put this little girl behind the wheel of a big truck!!! Lovin it!!!
Coming to your school was the best decision I've made in a very long time. I'm happy to tell you that I love the staff you have. They were all extremely friendly and helpful. I trained on the Black Volvo. It was one of the best experiences ever. It's a beautiful truck and I was happy to drive it. My driving instructors, Bernie & James, were the best! Their advice and suggestions helped me to improve more and more every time. In the classroom, Robin was a great instructor. He always made things funny to help us remember what was being taught, and discussions were always enlightening.
Nikki J.
Fabulous instructors and so accommodating! True honest family values business to help you achieve your goals and dreams thank you CAMERON FAMILY!
Karen O.
Edmonton is fortunate in having a driver training establishment such as yours as I know you have been here a long time.
Pat C.
You have a great place here! Keep up the good work! Getting my Class 1 has completely changed my life. You have great instructors. I was so nervous but everyone made me feel positive and you all were always so friendly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Nadina C.
Amazing instructors! Easy to understand and very informative! Thanks for all your help!
Cody M.
Hey guys, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for the great training! I am doing long haul mostly in the US with Winnipeg Motor Express and am loving it! Not so fond of being chained up on the Coquihalla though lol! But the training I have received from you guys has helped me do it safely and with confidence. Hope you guys are doing well!
Reg Vey
The staff @ Cameron Driver: Great Job! Thanks to Bernie for an awesome job. He's an awesome instructor for explaining things, being very calm and teaching every part of the program.
Brian F
I got my license through Cameron back in 1996. They trained me, I got some on the job experience driving to Vancouver and Winnipeg, and they even found my first driving job for me. 21 years later and I'm still driving. Trucking isn't for everyone, but you'll never know if you don't give it a try.
David Hunt (via Facebook)
I graduated from Cameron Driver Education in 1997 and all i can say is "thank you for the career"!!
Jonathan Duncan (via Facebook)
I just have to recommend Cameron Driver Training Class 1 to all individuals interested in going down that career path!! If I had known about them first, I definitely would have chosen them!! My training was with a 45' trailer; however, the real world drives with 53' trailers!! For a job opportunity, I had to get a professional evaluation from one of Cameron's instructors. I learned even more tricks of the trade that day that I was not taught at my other training centre.The office staff were wonderful to communicate with and accommodated me immediately!!Thank you so very much!!
Ty Brody Thibault (via Facebook)
Just finished up my in-class instruction and starting driving next week. If you want a driving education Cameron is the place to go. I can't wait to finish up my course and get my class 1 license!!!
Anthony Moyer (via Facebook)
I'd like to thank everyone at Cameron Driving It was an awesome experience. I'd especially like to thank Jim Hood my instructor, he has a wealth of information and knowledge making my experience that much more pleasurable. Looking forward to coming back and upgrading in the fall!
Connor Hanson
My one and only regret about going here is, that I didn’t do it years ago! I have to say some pretty Fantastic staff, from the moment you walk in the door to the time you get out on the road. It can’t be easy dealing with nervous inexperienced drivers and the instructors are super calm making it an enjoyable experience. Thank you guys so much for helping me pass my licence!
Brad Drader. (via Facebook)
First class in every way. A family atmosphere where you are made to feel at home throughout your "stay"!
Daryl Becker
I just got my class one license at Cameron Driving School. Bernie was my instructor. He was very patient with me and spent the time to really explain everything I needed to know to get me my license (especially backing up). The rest of the staff is all amazing and they make you feel like family while you’re there. I’m really happy I chose Cameron for the place to take my training. I really believe there is no better place to take driver education. I highly recommend it and I would encourage anyone thinking about getting their class one or three or other classes to give Cameron a try.
Lori McCoy (via Facebook)
I wanted to thank all of you and most specifically my instructor for such a wonderful first experience as a driver. The friendliness of the secretarial staff led to the conversation of a possible assessment. This option has never been supplied by any other company. The introduction supplied me with the option to try (even when others said or implied it was impossible for me to do given my physical limitations). The calmness and security I felt as well as clear, concise direction made it possible for me to even leave the parking lot. I certainly never expected or entertained the thought of actually driving that day. If your school could take a green horn like me and build the confidence and trust to take the first step in about half an hour I believe that you truly can teach anyone to drive. You can be sure that because of this most excellent experience, I will be sending anyone I know that would like to learn to Cameron.
Yvonne M
Michael is doing fantastic. He has found a fantastic use for his Class 1. He is now enrolled in Bible College here in Red Deer, and uses his Class 1 to drive people to and from the Youth group on Friday nights at the church, and for the private school as a backup driver. He always wondered why he felt so driven to get his Class 1 with no desire to work Oilfield, now he knows why. It's where he was always meant to be. Thank you for all the time your company and staff invested in Michael. The patience and kindness extended to him was so appreciated.
S. Palk about M. Palk
Awesome experience, great instructors, passed my road test on my first try! Highly recommend this school for your class 3. Bernie made it an easy going, fun atmosphere!