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For over 42 years, Cameron Driver Education has set the standard in training professional Class One drivers in Alberta. We have become the most recognized institute in Edmonton Alberta, giving us a degree of credibility that is unmatched anywhere.

Without a question, it is the best transport training available.

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Michael is doing fantastic. He has found a fantastic use for his Class 1. He is now enrolled in Bible College here in Red Deer, and uses his Class 1 to drive people to and from the Youth group on Friday nights at the church, and for the private school as a backup driver. He always wondered why he felt so driven to get his Class 1 with no desire to work Oilfield, now he knows why. It's where he was always meant to be. Thank you for all the time your company and staff invested in Michael. The patience and kindness extended to him was so appreciated.
S. Palk about M. Palk
Thanks very much for the training. It was nice to see every one after a year. It's great to know the coffee is always on for your past students. And thanks very much for the advice over the past year!
Kelly K.